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Ed Edd N Eddy

2017-07-09 17:16:42 by assassin1337

Ed Edd N Edy Whoring Out In Their Tight Undies



        Made by myself in Animate CC, a small tribute to my favourite band G.I.S.M

Skater Girl

2017-05-22 05:27:30 by assassin1337



Stencyl Game Loop

2017-04-18 12:04:59 by assassin1337


Polytechnic Project for Stencyl Game:  Player Actor Loop

Ed Edd N Eddy Swingers Club

2017-04-09 17:46:38 by assassin1337


sonic draft

Tween practice

2017-01-30 16:00:45 by assassin1337


Animation Test Jan 2017

2017-01-07 04:02:49 by assassin1337

"What Up G?"

Cartoon short in draft form

'Cuck rock' defined

2016-08-16 10:27:15 by assassin1337

'Cuck rock' is a newly forming genre in the rock n' roll spectrum. Encompassing pop rock, pop punk, soft rock and Mumford & Sons, with well drawn out inspirations from the Emo scene and the Onision fanbase, of course. Generally cuck rock plays by the rules of the current trends by playing their instrumentals in the same, gentle sounding tone in order to prioritize catchy glam hooks and a good curve in your wife's head. The vocals are indeed the selling point in cuck rock as with other mainstream-held music genres. The vocals are comparable to a man crying in pain due to the fact that his wife would never have sex with him anymore and tells him bluntly that she is going out "to see her guy-friends" and refusing a divorce so she could still reap benefits from him. Yet this cuckold still loves her but regrets the day he brought over that one male escort over to "spice up our sex life"  as if  another man's dick is an oregano. However, cuck rock aspires that singers fetishize infidelity, betrayal and abstinence and force their wives to be groupies to mainstream and underground artists and document it. This is all to draw more lyrical ideas of self-loathing, unrequited love and masochism. 

Famous cuck rock artists include: [Insert Musician name in the comments below]

Heres a thingamajick I want in the back of my denim vest!